Neuroscience Blogs of Note, Part 2

brainsurprise3.pngI will follow up MC's recent post with a brief review of three other neuroscience-related blogs that are worth mentioning as we begin Neurevolution.
Brain Waves ( is a self-labeled "neurotechnology" blog. Written by Zack Lynch, it is a real-world look at the effects and benefits derived from neuroscience research with regards to society, culture and economics. The author has a background in evolutionary biology but brings to light articles spanning a wide range of topics including neuroeconomics, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical research, perceptual illusions, and music appreciation. The focus of the blog however is on neurotechnology — on technological advancements that permit the improvement or study of the brain.

SCLin's Neuroscience Blog ( contains pointers to and summaries of recent neuroscience articles which focus on computational and cognitive neuroscience issues. While too technical to be of much value to the layperson, it reports on articles dealing with cutting-edge questions in neuroscience, such as the nature of the information code in the brain (e.g. meaningful representations in the prefrontal cortex) and information flow through neural pathways (e.g. the short-latency activation of dopaminergic neurons by visual stimuli).

Although It may be hard to classify as a neuroscience blog, Neurophilosophy ( does contain a fair number of interesting posts for the neuroscientist, such as a recent one on mind-computer interfaces for robots. Recent articles however have focused more on topics as varied as biological mimicry, hibernation, bionic hands, animals that blow bubbles to smell underwater, and other non-neuroscience topics. As such, it focuses on fascinating science questions in general, of which neuroscience is certainly a part.

This ends our first review.  Stay tuned for further reviews, as well as new content and pointers to other interesting articles!


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  1. Welcome, Neurophilosopher! We look forward to our blog (as well as yours) serving as mediums for discussions with broadly-minded individuals such as yourself. Nice to meet you.

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